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Unlock superior venture capital returns for your clients without the high risk of direct investment through our algorithm-driven, securitized investment strategies

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We enable asset managers and investors to capture Venture Capital’s upside through data-driven, systematic portfolio strategies that minimize risk while ensuring liquidity and high returns.

We leverage proprietary growth and late stage venture data and deep due diligence combined with machine learning algorithms to uncover exploitable high performing VC investment opportunities.

Our portfolio management services are full-cycle and wrapped in industry standard securitization, giving investors more control over their VC investments.

Our playbook: algorithm-driven, systematic, securitized

Data-driven curation of top performing Growth and Late Stage ventures and quarterly systematic investments executed through industry standard ISINs are the cornerstones of our solution

Big Data-Driven Analytics

We curate a quarterly list of the best performing GLS ventures using our proprietary algorithms that leverage deep research and the most complete universe of public and private VC data

VC Portfolio Management

We offer systematic investment strategies, that can be mapped to existing portfolios, and which provide the liquidity and risk benefits of industry-standard securitization and full lifecycle management

Investor Portal

Take control of your VC investments by tracking strategies with dynamic dashboards and engaging visualizations, while exploring and experimenting with our extensive VC database

Predictable Returns

Quarterly, systematic, GLS-focused investments provide greater assurance of high returns

Smoothed Cash Flows

Consistent returns and ISINs easily traded in secondary markets ensure liquidity

Early Value Signals

Deep quantitative research into GLS ventures reveals unexploited VC investment opportunities

Greater Control

Investment portal access enables scenario planning and risk management

Making VC a reliable asset class

  1. Uncover early value signals derived from our extensive database from human-validated VC sources

  2. ‍Target higher returns while lowering risk

  3. Engage in systematic diversified quarterly investments in Top 5 Growth and Late Stage companies

  4. Track the universe of Growth and Late Stage companies and your portfolio via the investor portal

  5. Continuosly monitor for optimal exit opportunities

Our Principles


We follow our backtested systematic investment strategies to ensure higher alpha and minimal risk for our clients


We strive to provide the most universal view of global VC data from the highest industry-wide perspective down to individual ventures


All of our research, data and analytical methods are explainable and verifiable


Our VC investment strategies are consistently rooted in validated big data sources and back tested, with minimal human bias


Our investment strategies adapt to market signals and deliver manageable cash flows and facilitate earlier exit options

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